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“If you’re seeking a high caliber professional Speaker/Life Coach, with a natural talent to truly help you or your team get focused, Paris is the one to hire!”

Brian Smith

Founder, UGG Boots


"Paris has the unique ability to teach how to be more Focused and driven so that your organization can reach new heights!"

Frank Shankwitz

Founder, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Steve Games, Founder Prudential California Realty


 "Paris is a very outgoing, professional appearing, and very talented Sales Trainer with unlimited "sticktoitiveness"! Paris has the ability to persevere and the talent to do it. I would recommend her to train sales teams at any level with no doubt. If anyone can turn things around, it will be her."  

Adam H. Michaels, State Sales Coordinator, Aflac


 "In my 13 years, I have to say that Paris is among the most dynamic and "info-training" speakers that I have ever seen. My agents have gained a fresh and pertinent perspective about the value of investing in themselves. Paris' training has impacted the mindset of my team as she has motivated them to tap into their full potential. I feel as if I have a brand new sales team, all fired-up and ready to go."  

Ron Wilbur, Pastor Saddleback Church



"Of all the leaders and speakers that I have worked with in my over 30 years in ministry and almost 40 years in business (with great overlap between the two), Paris is easily one of the top two. I am confident that with her winning personality and dynamic leadership that she would lead any team to victory. It was said about the great football coach Bear Bryant that he could take his team and beat yours, and he could take your team and beat his. I would echo that observation in relation to Paris Hough. She is that kind of leader, and more importantly, she is that kind of coach." 

Steve M. Gladen, Executive Pastor of Small Groups, Saddleback Church



"Paris is a person of high caliber which enables her to serve in any trained position. When dealing with the public or any situation, she expresses a mature approach seldom displayed in people. The adjectives generally used to describe good people such as honest, conscientious, responsible, hardworking, pleasant, self-starting, etc., certainly apply to Paris. This very character is what propels her to excel in the activities she puts her efforts into. I feel Paris is a person of God given talents. I highly recommend Paris to you!" 

Dr. A Gordan Ray, Founder, Horizons Unlimited International (Father, James Aurthor Ray "The Secret")

 "Paris is very positive! The most dynamic person I know! Very explicit with what she teaches and says."  

Juan Guzman, General Sales Manager, Miller Toyota of Anaheim

 "You've taught these guys how to think for themselves and how to take a check-up from the neck up before you take the next up. You have clearly identified how important it is being prepared mentally for the next up. You have clearly identified how important it is being prepared mentally for the next up customer. To determined what is their outcome before they greet the customer has been key to increased sales. They are focused mentally at every up. Thank you for providing these guys more options internally before they turn. The challenge you faced after the Cask for Clunkers program was enormous and you truly inspired us all."  

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"Paris led with vision, excitement and passion. She led out of an overflow of her deep and abiding love of Jesus, and that was contagious." 

Ben Reed Pastor, Mission Community Church 

"Paris makes Life’s manual, The Bible, come alive. Want to know what Jesus wants for your life, ask her. While working with Paris, I learned so much about myself and how to manage the hurts and thoughts that brought me down. Her stories from the Bible describe how Jesus wants us to live and how he can help us attain our dreams. I am so thankful God brought us together in Saddleback’s 301 class." ​ Melissa Radwick

"Thank you for coaching my agents and for establishing the importance of accountability and time management. Your training of my agents has been instrumental in motivating and encouraging them recording the significance of sharpening their sales skills and techniques. I have already begun to see the effects in the my agents mindset. I would recommend your services to anyone serious about changing the culture of their office and increasing sales." Harold Shaw, Broker, Century 21 A-Team