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Paris Alexander Hough is a  licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programmer  (NLP) Professional.  She is the author of Take Control Of Your Life  and a weekly life coaching advice contributor.  In her monthly coaching group, she brings decades of experience in the area of internal conflict resolution.  Merging the efforts and interests of families and organizations worldwide.

Paris is a former top Motivational Speaker for the Anthony Robbins organization where she excelled as a Peak Performance Strategist.  She has over 30 years of experience in Sales, Professional Speaking and Consulting in the areas of Leadership, Peak Performance, Organizational Behavior, Psychology of Achievement, Relationships and Character Development. 

She has implemented strategic sales and telemarketing campaigns that have increased sales by more than 300%.  She has helped real estate sales organizations, as well as other companies reach new heights and maximize their potential.

Paris seeks challenges and thrives on breaking through barriers under impossible circumstances. 

Her greatest passion is to help and inspire people to achieve their full potential, in all aspects of their lives.  Her mixture os passion, humor and excitement for life is contagious!

As a Speaker

Paris loves to teach achievement and reward through individual improvement.  She thrives in the corporate environment and is passionate about the success from a corporate perspective through individual breakthroughs beyond the professional space.  When everyone wins, Paris will have met her personal goal.

Paris shares practical and liberating lessons from personal experiences through biblical concepts.

From stay-at-home moms to business executives, Paris consistently inspires others to go after their own personal success, peace and prosperity.

With step-by-step instruction, audiences are inspired with the passion to step out boldly with clarity and tenacity

Real Estate Broker Professional


If you ever had an opportunity to hear Paris speak, you probably heard one of her humorous real estate stories from her 30+ years in  Real Estate. You can't help but notice her passion for real estate and marvel at her experiences.  She shares how she knew she wanted to be a real estate agent since she was 8 years old.  She likes to tell a touching story of how her mother loved real estate and, just like any child who adores her mother, Paris wanted to make her mother proud.  By the age of 19, Paris received her real estate license and has never stopped selling homes. She has helped thousands and sold over 20 million by the age of 22.  Paris went on to receive her Brokers license and has continued to help families by finding their dream home, relentlessly pursuing the best deal possible, minimizing costs and much more.  Paris states that the outpouring of referrals from repeat customers has touched her heart and says that, due to the loving care of her clients ,she was able to support her children as a single mother of three for 14 years.  Paris has been called a “pit bull” when it comes to negotiating and protecting her customers.  She is a loyal and devoted Broker who places integrity and relationship as her #1 priority.

Paris met the love of her life Michael Hough at a business conference and in 2013 they got married.  Together they combined their passion of helping others and launched Alexander Hough Fine Homes. Paris says Michael runs her companies operations while Paris is passionately creating more ways to help her clients professionally and personally through sponsoring her events, products and programs.

Personal Background

Paris is a lover of Jesus Christ.  She began her personal relationship with Jesus at the age of 13 and has been a student of the Bible ever since.  She knows that had it not  it been for her faith and the love of Jesus she would have not been able to survive the trials that where ahead of her.  Paris is confident that others can transform their lives the way she did.  She is so humbled by the love and guidance of God that she dedicated her life to helping others.

Prior to committing herself to the success of others, Paris first had to overcome the near loss of her leg, the onset of obesity, survive a physically abusive marriage for 12 years, escape two suicidal attempts, persevere through severe depression while simultaneously raising 3 children as a single mother for fourteen years.

Paris travels sharing her story of hope and is dedicated to teaching those seeking transformation through the steps she took from being an emotional and physical wreck to obtaining financial freedom and independence!

Her path was long and difficult but she has persevered and now shares her testimony to inspire others.   

​Paris lives in California and is married to her biggest fan, and together they are blessed with five amazing children.

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