Join my focused webinar monthly membership community!

What I found is most people just need an experienced and reliable guide to help address challenges.

Focused offers all the support you need to become the best version of yourself in the areas of 

Success, Peace and Prosperity!

Join our focused community and receive regular life coaching support to thrive during the ups and downs of your life.  Whether you seek, motivation, business skills, personal development, leadership training or relationship coaching...focused has it all!  

You are not alone!  There are many people like you seeking clarity in their life.  Looking for empowerment.  Needing answers.  Seeking solutions to help them breakthrough limitations.  

That's why I've created a way to personally offer you regular access to practical life coaching guidance and support:  a safe haven where we can resolve issues together before they become full-blown problems.

I have created a monthly membership community that will help you have a peaceful, joyful family life and the successful professional life you want.  You'll have support when you hit a rough patch, and inspiration to keep you on track when things are going well!


Your membership in my new community includes:

  • Weekly video conference calls hosted by me, personally!  You can attend one or all calls and ask me questions.  Each call is recorded and stored in your library, so you can enjoy watching it whenever it's convenient.
  • Additional videos, audios, newsletter and emails in between to help you stay on track and inspired in your personal life, professional life & your spiritual life.  These friendly lessons will help you stay the course week after week so you'll have a steady supply of loving life coaching support.
  • Weekly Action Planners to help you stay the course and grow in:  Momentum Training, Business Building, Personal Growth, Leadership, Relationships & Health!
  • Quarterly Forum: Our focused member community is a very special group of like-minded, like-hearted individuals who are committed to succeeding while steering clear of arguments and drama.  In a private support forum, you will have the opportunity to interact with other members.  
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS  on certain courses, webinars, retreats and summits


How does the membership work?

Paris will host a live, interactive coaching call weekly.  Ask questions.  

What if I can't make the Coaching Calls?

Call times vary so that no matter what part of the world you live in, you'll be able to attend some of the sessions in person.  However, each call is recorded and available in your member portal so you can watch any time at your convenience. 

What can I expect out of this membership?

Ongoing life coaching support.  Through e-mails, a newsletter, monthly calls and our online community, you will never have to feel alone as you navigate the ups and downs of your life.

Do you have questions?


Paris Hough

(949) 438-1227